2019 Voting

The Best of Milpitas is an annual special project of the Milpitas Post newspaper that presents readers’ favorites for the city’s restaurants, shops, schools, business people – you name it! The ballot covers over 150 categories.

This survey is not scientific and does not claim to be. But it does reflect opinions of those Milpitas residents who feel strongly about a business, place or person

All votes that are legitimately fielded will be objectively analyzed and counted. All ballots mailed in or logged online that maintain the rules will be exhaustively reviewed. (Suspected ballot stuffers will be eliminated.)

Take a look at last year’s section

To see the 2018 special edition click here.

The 2018 Voting is now live… We encourage all our readers to vote for your favorites and share your opinions with your friends, neighbors and other interested people who want to experience the Best of Milpitas! Here is a link to participate…

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